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I woke up from an amazing dream! It was so cool I was sure it was real until I woke up.

It was a huuuuuge Disney crossover between almost all of their franchises. In one movie. The plot was that something was corrupting the good Disney characters and turning them evil. Tigger became a biker type, Aurora looked more like Maleficent, Cinderella became selfish like her stepsisters, etc.

It would have been really disturbing if it weren't so cool to watch. There was a huge kerfluffle between the magic users of the kingdoms and Merlin even went so far as to remove the Cheshire Cat's magic from him. I forget why, but he was a suspect. There were a few original characters too, like Miranda the Dreamland Queen. She sort of resembled a cross between Madame Mim and Cruella DeVille in that she had that sort of thin-lined animation and wispy hair, lol. I think she was a good guy though.

The biggest part, though, was a reveal about a third of the way through: the APPARENT main villain was... Snow White's prince. He wore a hooded cloak and carried a whip, which is why the reveal was a surprise. But Snow White believed in him, and everyone else couldn't believe he would do such a thing, so there had to be someone else behind it. I remember this one part where he chased her across a river on his horse, but Snow White escaped! But JUST as I was about to see who the real evil behind it all was, I woke up.

I'm betting it was either the Horned King, Maleficent, or Chernabog. In the dream I was betting on Chernabog. It was just so interesting to watch! The characters were turned evil by three 'strikes' of this firey blue magic.

Also for some reason the movie was called "After Ozma, " hinting that it may have started life as a Return to Oz sequel.
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